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Injection molding Tederic new Series DT and DM

D Series


The D series is divided into two types: the DT with 2-piston injection and the DM with single-piston injection. The models are both 3 plate machines.

The D series "energy saving servo-assisted hydraulics" is a high quality machine with a European component list for almost all. The technology with Servodrive, brushless motor with gear pump, allows a very high molding precision and very low power consumption. The PLC installed on the Italian machines is the Keba touch 2980 remotely connectable and ready for Indusria 4.0.
The DT series has a tonnage from 60 to 4000.


  • Tons: 60-4000
  • Energy saving: conforming to Grade 1 National Energy Consumption Standard, 1kg material < 0.4 kwh.
  • Safety: conforming to various safety requirements, as China (National Standard GB22530), Europe (CE Standard), North America (ANSI/SPI), Korea (KC Standard), Brazil (NR-12) and so on.

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