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Injection molding Tederic new Series DT and DM

D Series


The D series is divided into two types: the DT with injection piston 2 and the DM with injection to a piston. They are both machines with 3 floors.

The DT series, including all Dreams IMM presses, got high evaluation from the market and significant sales since its launch.

The second generation of DT series, with tonnage from 60 to 500 and a high degree of configuration, is already available.

The new DT series is an upgrade of the original DT series that combines customer feedback, implementations of many safety standards, manufacturing experiences, the improvement of the material processing technology and experience the high speed of development in IMM field.


  • Tons: 60-500
  • Quiet: through strict sound DB test to ensure the low noise of the production environment.
  • Energy saving: conforming to Grade 1 National Energy Consumption Standard, 1kg material < 0.4 kwh.
  • Precision: 0.01 mm stroke accuracy to ensure product quality.
  • Safety: conforming to various safety requirements, as China (National Standard GB22530), Europe (CE Standard), North America (ANSI/SPI), Korea (KC Standard), Brazil (NR-12) and so on.

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Two Color Series